Ecommerce Platform

VGMR’s Ecommerce Platform enables greater market reach for the companies by connecting the sellers and buyers on a virtual platform (B2B & B2C) across the business transaction lifecycle. This is Out of Box, Configurable, On the Go Use for Any product for Ecommerce Distribution or Formation of Market Place. This also easily gets integrated with any third party applications as needed.

One can pick and choose the functionality needed and can be hosted as SAAS platform or as an Enterprise Solution.

Ecommerce Platform
Ecommerce Platform

Key Features


  • Complete automation to enhance and optimize market reach
  • Automation and integration of sourcing/delivery networks, inventory and order management with flag indicators
  • SCM automation and real time dashboards for stakeholders enables to monitor, plan, strategize and take decisions
  • Real time dynamic pricing, configurable product catalogue, and seamless integration of transaction life-cycle
  • Seamless integration of online payment options, mobile wallets, UPI, etc with loyalty cards
  • Real time integration to third party integrations, Mobile Apps with responsive UI & UX, API for redistribution and white labelling of the platform for global distribution
  • Automated work flows using AI/ML across SCM, Operations and Customer Engagement Life-cycle
  • SaaS based and accessible real time from anywhere
  • White label capabilities
  • API for re-distribution
  • Mobile Apps Supported Plug Ins