The term 'Business Intelligence' has evolved from the decision support systems and gained strength with the technology and applications like data warehouses, Executive Information Systems and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). With Big Data, AI & ML technologies the outlook towards Business Inteligence and MIS has undergone a paradigm shift and with technology at help – one can get any information they way one wants from a business analysis point of view. This helps business in different ways and can also forecast and predict patters basis the behaviour of data.

We can make a data warehouse from multiple systems and have a central repository of data from where the BI/MIS can be operated on. Depending on the business needs, the same can be accessed over Web/Mobile and any other devices 247. The reports can be accessed basis rights by employees, management teams, shareholders, clients, vendors. Speak to our experts for your MIS & BI needs and they will be glad to help and assist with the right solution to meet your needs.


Some of the BI related work that VGMR does are as follows:

  • Reporting
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Process Mining
  • Business Performance Management
  • Predictive Analysis & Prescriptive Analysis