Consulting Services

Scoping and providing solutions to automate any business function and/or processes can be challenging as it needs the right mix of Business and technology acumen to get this done the right way.
At VGMR we have the necessary mix of Experienced Business Analyst and Solution Architects to provide this service. We have the required domain expertise across Verticals to offer these consulting services.
Consulting Services

Key Challenges

  • Growth & revenue
    Growth & revenue are slowing or declining
  • Brand Solutions
    Complexity & brand diluting
  • ROI
    Reduction in ROI
  • Need to do more with less
    Need to do more with less
  • Profitable Relationship
    Build profitable relationship with suppliers
  • Business Models
    Manage borderless business models
  • Manage and Strive
    Manage and strive against external forces
  • Technological Advancements
    Keep updated on rapid technological advancements
  • Customer Expectations
    Customer expectations increasing
  • Customer Life Cycle Process
    End to End Customer Life Cycle Process is not automated
  • Supply Chain
    Break In Supply Chain
  • Too many dependencies
    Too many dependencies on human efforts across the value chain
Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation Services

In today’s Dynamic Environment business are faced with new challenges, technologies, and competitors which implies that disruption is happening faster than ever and businesses need to keep pace with or get ahead of the changing environment to remain viable and profitable. It is important to revive, survive and thrive in this competitive environment.

Changing, Adapting, Reinventing, implementing, and following a comprehensive approach to business transformation (BT) can help your organization make the most of the opportunities created by disruption. We at VGMR help you do that.

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Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services

It is important and imperative to have a digital strategy in alignment with your business objectives. We at VGMR Enabling companies to get their IT & Business Transformation Road Map right. We understand Business and the use of Digital & Technology to drive the Business. With an holistic approach for business digitalization we focus on delivering business value with our in-depth knowledge of business, combined with the latest digital technologies and industry-specific transformation needs.

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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Rapidly changing business landscapes need agility to adapt and transform with the right technologies. With an eye for detailing and to manage the overall TCO, guidance is needed on what’s right, what’s feasible and help businesses towards innovative solutions. With VGMR you can expect the best practices and solutions for your IT Infrastructure requirements.

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