Third Party Integrations

With companies using multiple applications and systems, one challenge being faced by most of the organizations today is how to seamlessly integrate all the applications so that they can avoid data duplication across systems and also data management becomes easier. There are ways and means to get these integrations done efficiently and we at VGMR specialize in these. We create a mapping structure and work on APIs so that the data can either be pushed or pulled as the case may be into the other systems. We can also build relevant connectors to manage these integrations efficiently. We can integrate into CRM Applications, HR Applications, Implement Single Sign on Applications, Finance Applications, Mid Office, Back Office Applications, Booking Platforms, BI & MIS Applications and so on. We can also create a Data warehouse to manage the data from all systems and build MIS & BI around the same. For any requirement of managing third party integrations – write to us or speak to our Integration Specialists who will guide and implement accordingly. We can also manage the integration to and from legacy systems and applications.

Third Party Integrations
Third Party Integrations Services

Some of the Key Systems where we can manage the integrations are:

  • Portals
  • CRM applications
  • Order Management Systems
  • Mid Office Systems
  • CRS Applications
  • Back Office Applications
  • Finance Applications
  • BI/MIS Applications
  • Any legacy application of Systems