About VGMR

VGMR is a service/solution and a product Company in the IT space that caters to broad based industries in making them market and cost efficient by enabling greater market participation, process automation, remote workplaces, etc. VGMR Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. formed with a team of Professionals having a good mix of Business, Technology, UI & UX capabilities and having over 80 plus years of experience amongst its founder members.

A champion in the IT Solutions, Digital Transformation and E-commerce space (Consulting & Solutions Provider), VGMR is formed with a legacy of proven and demonstrated capabilities in building systems and technologies that made businesses being smart and efficient in the market place. Whether it’s enabling a platform connecting the buyers and sellers at B2B and/or B2C or helping businesses become more efficient and effective by building end-to-end ERP/CRM package, or creating virtual work systems, VGMR’s legacy of capabilities and expertise has stretched across the length and breadth of this ecosystem. The Company extends its services to broad based sectors and sub-sectors through its following portfolio of services, solutions and products:

  • Marketplace / E-commerce Platform
  • CRM Solutions
  • Holiday Platform
  • Web/Mobile UI/UX & Development Solutions
  • Software Development, Business Process Automation and Virtual Work Systems
  • IT & Business Consulting Services
  • IT Infrastructure Services

Our aim is to create value to our esteemed clients and to win their trust, confidentiality and partnership thereby enabling them to grow in their business and contributing to their Success.

We have a team of talented and experienced engineers, UX designers, developers, digital marketers and technology innovators on the planet behind the scenes creating IT solutions.

We use technology as an enalber to help clients achieve their goals and make deeper connections with their customers. We want our clients to become our advocators so that we can build the same trust and partnership with others as well whom they would advocate our services to.

About VGMR