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Fri, 04 Sept, 2020 Dilip Chenoy

Multi-pronged approach required to revive tourism with gradual reopening of activities: Dilip Chenoy

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29 - 30 July, 2020
FICCI Tourism E-Conclave

Watch the complete session on - 'Role of Technology & Innovation to Revive Travel & Tourism' - Moderated by Ashish Kumar , Co-Chair, FICCI Travel Technology Committee.

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July, 2020 TravelBiz Monitor
TravelBiz Monitor

Combining experience & perspective to drive revised business strategies.

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June, 2020 TravelBiz Monitor
TravelBiz Monitor

The June 2020 Edition of Travel Biz Monitor talks about the Global Start-up Mentor Board and the vision.

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11 - 13 June, 2020
Event - Global Travel Hackathon (11 � 13 June 2020)

Re-Think : Re-build : Re-invent

The Challenges
  1. Hygiene & HealthM
  2. Travel & Experience
  3. Sustainability & Relief

Ashish Kumar � A though leader and Co-Chairman FICCI, is the Mentor for the Event in APAC

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Mon, 08 June, 2020 The FICCI - Grant Thornton Report
The FICCI - Grant Thornton Report. Travel & Tourism In the times of COVID - 19.

Ashish Kumar, Co-Chairman of FICCI Travel technology committee and a thought leader, was one of the Co-Author of this report which makes strategic Policy recommendations to the Govt of India on the "Survive - Revive - Thrive" vision for the travel industry, and to make Indian travel enterprise Global.

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Fri, 05 June, 2020

The FICCI & Grant Thornton report gives a complete overview of COVID- 19 Impact on Travel & Tourism and ways to rebuild the Industry. The panel of experts will give a complete overview.

The Session was moderated by Ashish Kumar, Co-Chairman FICCI Travel Technology Committee & Thought Leader. Catch the FICCI Session Recording here:

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Thu, 04 June, 2020
Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating through Start-up Mentor Board

Ashish Kumar, Thought Leader, Co-Chariman, FICCI Travel & Technology Comittee & Spearheading the Start-up Mentor Board, talks about sharing his knowledge and experience, and forging colloboration for travel technology start-ups to drive business in the post lockdown world, through 'Start-up Mentor Board'

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Wed, 03 June, 2020 TravelBiz Monitor
TravelBiz Monitor

Global experts constitute �Start-Up Mentor Board� to assist travel technology players

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Tue, 02 June, 2020
TravelBiz Monitor

Global experts constitute 'Start-Up Mentor Board' to assist travel technology players.

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Should any CEO, board level leadership in any travel & tourism entity, wish to be part of this show please write into : Ashish is also happy to engage in the initial call to discuss the concept further.


Ashish Kumar

35 Anand Lok, New Delhi - 110049, India

Start-up Mentor Board (SMB)

Ashish Kumar who is also the Co-Chairman of FICCI Travel technology committee also spearheads the Start-up Mentor Board, which comprises of experts from both Indian and global travel industry, bringing together a wealth of knowledge experience and expertise. The board has affiliations in Europe, Africa and would gradually expand its reach to other global travel markets, where start-up require nurturing and fostering

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