Our Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

Create Value for our Global Clients by Enabling, Innovating, Empowering and Transforming their business on the digital road map

Our Vision
Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Key Differentiators and Innovation that VGMR will bring onboard

  • Modular design and automated workflows Gives ultimate control to partners and vendors over their products and merchandising
  • Designed from ground up to be mature, resilient, and scalable
  • Rigorous internal and external testing in a competitive environment for a mature and stable solution
  • Resilient, with over 70% of the processes being automated
  • Scalable platform architecture with auto-scaling
  • On cloud deployment: Greater availability and easy management of the infrastructure with limited CAPEX
  • Sub-second response time with microservices and caching
  • AI/ML for automation and accuracy
  • Best-in-class security
  • Superior w.r.t. incumbents on all three major parameter groups i.e. products, distribution, and features