Why Was VGMR Created

VGMR was created to address the Digital Transformation Gap across the Industries today. The aim was to provide software solutions to automate the product and client life cycle across the Verticals. The key issues faced by most of the companies.

  • Lack of Technology Understanding
  • No visibility on Total Cost of ownership
  • Hiring and retaining tech talent
  • Minimum infrastructure understanding and plan
  • Technology outgrowing businesses
  • Pace of Disruption is fast and most of the Medium Enterprises SMEs and are not able to cope up
  • Increase of Costs across Supplier and Client Value Chain
  • Costly Digital Solutions and not knowing where and how to start
  • Data Security Concerns and Global Compliancest
  • Travel Business Gaps and Lack of Solutions
VGMR – Aims to solve the above gap across Business Verticals and Help Companies Go Digital with reduced TCO and improving efficiencies